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music-makes-me-happy-by-plastickheartNow that the weather’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter, the happy summer days are fleeting. Take a minute to put yourself in a nice mood and escape the gloom that is descending upon your region. These chill “traks” will get your groove on and restore the summer’s glory. Enjoy.


Hip-Hop | Foxtrot – DreScott

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DreScott : Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

DreScott does it all. This seventeen-year-old legend has only gotten better. He reached out to us at T2T last year and I was impressed to say the least. He’s refined his craft and is back with his newest single, “Foxtrot.” Listen carefully cause this kid’s a lyrical genius. Follow him on social media and check out his other music. “Steady Vibes” is a personal favorite. Hope he makes it big.

Chill Update

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Hey guys,

Got three chill beats for you guys. I know we’ve been pumping out a lot of chill tracks, we’ll try to scout out some different genres soon. For now, grab your girl (or guy) and kick back to some quality beats as we approach the weekend. Odesza. Chainsmokers. And some other random tune I found. Enjoy.

Chill | Compass (Louis the Child Remix) – Zella Day

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Louis the Child is quite versatile. He kills it in dubstep, pop, and now is stepping into the underground chill scene. While 70% of his edits are decent at best, the other 30% is pure gold. Child’s “Compass” happens to fall under the latter category and it’s fantastic. Enjoy. My other favorites are below.

Here are some of his other gems:

House | I Can’t Stop Drinking About You – Bebe Rexha Remixes

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Hey guys,

I’ve got two huge mixes of Bebe Rexha’s vocal masterpiece, I Can’t Stop Drinking About You. She’s been in the music industry for quite a while, and it’s great to see her start to break through with Take Me Home and this huge track. The first is the recent Otto Knows remix, and the second is the Chainsmokers’ mix. Two huge but very different sounds – let us know which one you prefer.


Chill | It’s Time (Matoma Tropical Remix) – Imagine Dragons

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Matoma : Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Matoma is up there with Kygo as one of my favorite chill artists. All of his tunes are perfect to relax to and put you in the nicest mood. Perfection would be the word to describe Matoma’s remixes, as he leaves you on a tropical beach with nothing to do but chill. It’s the nicest feeling.

This John Mayer Remix below is tied for my favorite with Montmatre’s “Is This Love.”


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