Electro-Funk | Superstition (C2C Remix) – Stevie Wonder

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House/EDM Music is dying. With all the absurd drops you hear that straight obliterate the integrity of the song and the crack-down on raves, the EDM rave culture is a thing of the past. Electro-Funk music is sure to be the next big thing. DJ Scratch artists incorporate Hip-Hop scratch vibes, while reworking the vocals and harmonies to make their edit sound truly superb. C2C, one of the best scratch artists out there, does Stevie Wonder justice on this edit, a feat that’s rarely pulled off. Give this one a listen for sure.

Chill | Hypnotize – Cisco Adler (feat. Matisyahu)

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Cisco Adler is one of those guys that releases prime traks but is constantly overlooked. Don’t overlook this single that he released a little over a month ago. Once you get past the first ten seconds, the song is gold. It has the perfect summer vibe and transforms your dreary room into a tropical beach. Enjoy.

Check out some of his other hits below:

(My favorite ^)

House | Unbreakable – Dirty South

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Dirty South was once churning out tune after tune of only the finest music. Then he just stopped. He took some time off and lay low for months after his Speed of Life EP. I had honestly forgotten about one of my favorite DJs until this popped up in my SoundCloud feed. Dirty South kills it yet again coming off of a nine month hiatus. Enjoy this radio rip from Pete Tong.

House | Gold (Flume re-work) – Chet Faker

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Chet Faker and Flume are boys. They’ve collaborated on a ton traks ranging from “Left Alone” to the wildly popular “Drop the Game.” Flume and Faker team up again to release another masterpiece. This tune’s not overwhelmingly Flume or overwhelmingly Chet Faker, but more of a hybrid of their two styles. Enjoy its underground Flume vibe and Faker’s quality vocals.


Hip-Hop |Fam And Foolies (featuring Chance The Rapper) – Sulaiman

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Chance the Rapper: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter
Sulaiman: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Chance the Rapper, voted “Best Mixtape of 2013″ by both Rolling Stone and Red Bull for his Acid Rap, teams up with Sulaiman (the rapper) and brings the heat. Chance hasn’t disappointed in the past and keeps on killin’ it. “Fam and Foolies” comes as part of Sulaiman’s new EP “Mogs” a collab of Chicago’s finest rappers. If you like this one be sure to check out the EP.

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